Looking for PC Voice

Looking for PC Voice

Post by Steve Resnic » Sat, 28 Jul 1990 02:20:10

Hi Netlanders!

Once upon a time, an acquaintance told me of a card for his PC which
did digitized void and DTMF decoding. Made for a great answering machine.
The name of this board was Watson. I am currently looking for a similar
product to be used in a remote system monitoring system for water treatment
systems. The requirements of this board would be

        Voice recording (locally) of message to be sent out on the phone.
        DTMF decoding (to obtain responses from a touchtone phone)

It would also be nice for this board to act as a modem but that is not a requirement.

If any of you know of such an animal (or the compayn which makes Watson as I
have lost touch with this acquaintance) I would be greatly appreciative.

Please reply by E-mail so as not to waste bandwith, if anyone else is interested
I will summarize on the net.

Thanx, in advance,

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