Post by Patrice Carbonne » Wed, 14 Dec 1994 02:29:11

Hi there!

I have another question...

It concerns the DMA chip.

If I'm not wrong, I could use the DMA to transfer information directly
from an "interface card" to memory.  What I mean by "interface card" is
a fast AD converter.

I've been looking for a book about the use of the DMA channel but
haven't found one.

Where can I get the information to use the DMA channel.

A reply by e-mail would be appreciated.

Patrice Carbonneau

                         ^------> but French-Canadian inside


1. PC DMA Question - compressed DMA cycles?

There's a bit in the 8237 DMA controller command register that
selects a "Special Compressed DMA Bus Cycle" (bit 3).  However,
my book (Interfacing to the IBM PC...) says not to use it because
it will cause the DMA to violate some specified limits for access
time.  It seems like it would probably work anyway, given most
cards are capable of pretty fast I/O access these days.  Has anyone
ever tried this?

Jay Kubicky

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