adding a different number to file name

adding a different number to file name

Post by Jonathan de Boyne Pollar » Wed, 23 Jul 2003 00:11:35

nmc> any idea what can i do to make this work in w9x?

Obtain either 4DOS or TCWIN32 and modify the script to be

        set num=0

        do_something_here > test%num%.log

For best results, ensure that the only files matching
the "test*.log" search wildcard are your output files.


1. Different file names, different files?

I'm writing a program in X86 assembler that takes and input file and
produces an output file.
I want to be sure that the output file is not the same file as the
input file.
The problem is that you can specify the path to a file in more than
one way. C:\DIR1\FILE1 is the same file as .\FILE1 if my program
executes from DIR1.
My question is: how do I detect that two different paths are really
the same absolute path?


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