Microsoft C and Assembly help

Microsoft C and Assembly help

Post by ga.. » Fri, 27 Jul 1990 05:12:26

I have a ASM file that's supposed to be used with Microsoft C/  However,
I wish to port the C program and it's ASM subroutines to Turbo C and
Turbo ASM.  It wants the files:
from the MSC dist.  However, I don't have these files, and have no idea
(well, not much on cmacros) exactly what these files contain.  What is
their TASM equivalents, or if there is no equivalent, is there a PD file
that could be used?

        Mike Graff (


1. 32-bit Microsoft C inline assembly -- possible?

Hi --

I've got a problem that hopefully has an easy fix...  I'm using
Microsoft C's inline assembly feature and want to use 32-bit
instructions.  Unfortunately the inline assembler doesn't seem
to support the 32-bit instructions and even chokes on the (awkard)
"db 66h" approach  I'm using version 7.xx, but have tried version 8
as well and also couldn't get the code to compile.  (Borland works
beautifully with "#pragma inline" and with asm{ instead of _asm{,
though I don't know if it'll work with  version 4...)

Any ideas?

Many thanks --


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