unix utils for dos

unix utils for dos

Post by S D L » Wed, 25 Jul 1990 18:03:22

I have been recently told that there may be some unix facilities for dos
(especially cp) on the simtel20 archives but I have no information on
how to anonymous ftp from this machine.  There used to be info on
comp.sys.ibmpc.digest but that group has gone now.


1. unix utils for DOS

OK. I know this has got to be an FAQ but I can't find the answer.
I am looking for a number of Un*x utilities that run under
for a Junior College workshop I am teaching this summer.  

 a script interpreter

 Can anyone point me to the right ftp sites and directories?

 I'll post a summary if there is sufficient interest.  Thanks.


     Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory        
     P.O. Box 808, L-156
     Livermore, CA 94550                  

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