Where to get Windows 3.0 Devel Kit?

Where to get Windows 3.0 Devel Kit?

Post by John Bru » Thu, 26 Jul 1990 02:17:16

Microsoft says that the Windows 3.0 Devel package goes for $500.00 retail,
and requires Microsoft C 5.1 or 6.0, C 6.0 goes for $495 retail.

Does anyone know where I get get both of the above for a reasonable price?



Where to get Windows 3.0 Devel Kit?

Post by John Bru » Sun, 05 Aug 1990 00:00:27

As promised, here is my summary:

 >Could some kind soul tell me where I can get the following items for the
 >minimum prices?
 >  - Microsoft C 6.0
 >  - Microsoft SDK (Software Development Kit)
 >  - Microsoft Mouse
 >  - Microsoft Windows 3.0
 >They don't have to be from the same vendor - I'm just trying to save $$.

It seems that the best place to get this stuff is from Software Add-Ons,
(800) 822-8088.  Their ad in Byte (p.205).  I actually had almost ordered stuff
from Programmer's Paradise, until I found out that since I was in New York,
they were going to charge me tax, which would be at LEAST $50. The prices in
the Software Add-Ons ad were cheaper by $70, plus they are in NH, so NO TAX.
The prices I got were as follows:

    Microsoft C 6.0     $299
    Microsoft SDK       $309
    MS Mouse+Win 3.0    $139

I forgot that I'll also need some extended RAM, so I found an R&R Electronics
ad (404) 368-1777, they sell 9 bit 256KB SIMMs for $22 a piece, so I bought a
Meg for $88. So the total for the whole sh-bang is $860.39 (inc. shipping).

I got a few offers from people to sell me their C 6.0 update coupons or to buy
directly from them, but since this is a company purchase, it has to be an
"official" type purchase.

Thanks for all the responses


1. SuperVGA test kit release 3.0

Hi there,
         I have just released version 3.0 of the SuperVGA test kit library.
This new version of the library contains the first release of the
Universal VESA TSR, a small Terminate and Stay Resident program to convert
most SuperVGA's into VESA 1.2 compatible SuperVGA's. You can even use
it to make your current VESA SuperVGA more compliant (as long as the
base chipset is supported). I have tested it on a number of different
systems and it works perfectly (so far). Let me know how it works on
your system.

This version also contains fixed for the 24 bit library, which now works
correctly for MegaEva/2 boards as well as Speedstar 24 and (hopefully)
Genoa 7900 boards.

I have also built 4 linkable libraries you can use in your own code,
along with the appropriate header files (of course it is still very
low level :-).

Once again I would appreciate it if people test the library out and mail
me with the results (even confirmation that it works).

You can ftp it from the following address:

    godzilla.cgl.rmit.oz.au ( kjb/MGL/svgakt21.zip

I will also be uploading the file to Simtel20 and garbo in the next few

Thanks again for your time.

| Kendall Bennett                          | Internet:                     |

| Carlton Victoria 3053 AUSTRALIA.         |                               |

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