FreeDOS and Linux

FreeDOS and Linux

Post by MBR » Mon, 28 Jul 2003 23:42:11

Hello, I have installed FreeDOS in a PC whit Linux and Win XP.
I use LILO for loading win XP and FreeDOS.
The problem is that when I boot FreeDOS, I only obtain the message:
And the system don't boot.
In LILO I have configurated whit:

other=/dev/hda3 #The partition that contain FreeDOS(FAT 16 LBA), no

And in FreeDOS I have run sys a: c:
Why doesn't works?


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I am trying to format my Quantum Fireball 2GB HDD with FreeDOS beta 3.
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 Could anyone tell me how to format HDD with FreeDOS?

This is the syntax that I used: "format c: /s"


Hsin-Hung Yu


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