linux+dosemu with djgpp

linux+dosemu with djgpp

Post by Eli Zaretski » Mon, 05 Aug 1996 04:00:00

Quote:> > Do you mean that other programs that use floating point (except Make) run
> > on your system?  Try to write a trivial program that does some FP
> > computations and see if it bombs.

> What I thought was happening wasn't as weird as what IS happening.
> It's true that if, under DOSEMU, I don't set both 387=N and
> EMU387=c:\djgpp\bin\emu387.dxe that gcc won't run--it bombs with an
> FP exception.

That's a known bug (which nobody knows how to fix, unfortunately).  It is
mentioned in the DJGPP FAQ list (section 11.1).

Quote:> wonder why this program won't PRINT the result. I'd also sorta expect
> that since the Linux kernel does FP emulation, that DOS programs would
> lean on that capability without NEEDing a dos-level emulator. But then
> what do I know? :-)

I don't think Linux FP emulator is available to programs which run under

linux+dosemu with djgpp

Post by Eli Zaretski » Fri, 09 Aug 1996 04:00:00

> used.  Since FPU emulation is a DPMI 1.0 extension, and shakey on
> documentation, I like Eli's recommendation of removing the useless FPU
> operations.

The latest Sed 3.00 already uses RX library where the FP code was
converted to integer code (I asked the maintainer to do so about a year
ago).  I hope Make will follow suit.


1. linux+dosemu with djgpp


I heard somebody mentioning that they were running
djgpp under linux+dosemu... How good is this working,
and what andvantages do you get (besides the obvious;
running linux instead of dos).

I'd like to hear more about this setup, and what pitfalls
there may be in setting it up (I tried dosemu v0.60.1
under linux and it didn't seem to stable).

Kristian Hogsberg

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