running DJGPP programs in DOSEMU?

running DJGPP programs in DOSEMU?

Post by Shawn Hargreave » Wed, 23 Jun 1999 04:00:00

>> Has anyone got hints to running djgpp-programs that
>> use vbe 2.0 in Linux dosemu 0.97 ?

> Allegro depends not to work for me, although it should
> because my dosemurc (or whatever its called at the moment)
> was set up for catching vbe calls.

It works for me, at least mostly. I'm running 0.98, and can use any
256 color VESA 1 modes in a window under X (xdos), or any mode
supported by my ROM BIOS (including VBE 2.0 and LFB stuff) when I
run it from the console. I don't have the exact config file here
to check, but I think the relevant options to set are video="vga"
and graphics=1. Om my machine, this leaves the graphics adaptor in
a weird mode after I fire up the emulator, but it can easily be
fixed by runnning any DOS app that resets text mode from your

I had to disable the Allegro sound drivers, because they don't
get on very well with the DOSEMU adlib emulation. And the input
system doesn't work quite right: depending how I set the mouse
parameter in allegro.cfg, I can either get mouse input but
intermittent crashes when I press keys, or reliable keyboard
input with a broken mouse. There is probably something I can
do in Allegro to work around that, but I haven't yet got around
to investigating it properly.

With other djgpp programs, the only problem I've seen is that
exception handling isn't quite right. Not sure exactly what is
wrong with it, though.

No LFN support, though. I'd love to get that working, if anyone
knows a way?

        Shawn Hargreaves.