DOS apps. & CaveMan default

DOS apps. & CaveMan default

Post by Vic Du » Sun, 02 Feb 1997 04:00:00


I have TCMD-16 running on win3.1 with Caveman set as the default for
my dos apps. However, I've  noticed that some dos apps, e.g. LINK
v5.15 (1991) and "SMARTDRV /s" execute in a separate window despite
the Caveman default. I've checked around and there are no .PIF files
for LINK.EXE or SMARTDRV, so I'm wondering why this behavior occurs.
It's not a problem for me as I can work around it with aliases and
"start /cm". I'm just curious as to what's going on. Obviously I'm
missing something.

Thanks for your help.




1. Caveman & fullscrn apps

   There is a problem with Caveman (TCMD 1.0b) running DOS apps that switch
to fullscreen. One such app is the DOS 6.2 UNDELETE, and any app which
runs into a critical error. They seem to switch the hidden Caveman session
to fullscreen, but input/output is still (I suppose) being redirected
to the TCMD window. The result is a stuck Windows, and even Ctrl-Alt-Del
does nothing.

Perhaps Caveman should install a handler for the interrupt $2F-168B,
which (I assume) these apps use in order to switch to foreground
fullscreen mode, and stop redirection when its called. Or, more
simply, disable known apps (like UNDELETE) from running in Caveman.
This still leaves the problem of critical errors (or maybe not. I have
checked Undelete, but not critical errors).

Eyal Doron

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