BORLAND C++/TURBO C Timing Routine in M.S. Accuracy

BORLAND C++/TURBO C Timing Routine in M.S. Accuracy

Post by Michael Haberl » Sun, 07 Jul 1991 21:27:33

There's a stopwatch timer function in the KA9Q distribution which uses
the Counter/Timer chip and gets to microsecond resolution.

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1. BORLAND C++/TURBO C Timing Routine in M.S. Accuracy

Unless the folks who wrote the BONUS utility package (specifically,
TCTIMER port of TPTIMER) and HRTxxx (High Resolution Timer) are
missing something (I don't think so, I've used TCTIMER and tested
the HRT package with expected results), you can do millisecond
timing on a PC.  It's the OS that yields 18.2Hz (55mS) timer resolution.
The timer chip itself is quite a capable piece of hardware.
For both libraries, see /mirrors/msdos/turbo-c.


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