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  Can anyone help me out here?  Whats the cheapest and easiest way to
network together more than 2 systems?  


          or c115086



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Quote:>Can anyone help me out here?  Whats the cheapest and easiest way to
>network together more than 2 systems?  

Use Information Modes "Little Big LAN" and ArcNet cards for an inexpensive,
fast and reliable network.  Cost of the software is $75 per _network_ and
the cards about $60 each.  If that's too expensive, use the same software
with serial or parallel cables.

Information Modes: (800) 628-7992
                   (817) 387-3339

They are located in Denton, Texas

Dr. Richard J. Hughes


1. Remote Network Printing with Microsoft Network Client for DOS 3.0

I have a couple of PCs that only have MS-DOS (v 6.20) as their sole
operating system. I installed Microsoft Network Client for DOS 3.0
so I could share resources, files with other workstations (mainly NT
workstations) on my company's Microsoft NT Network.

I would like to be able to access remote network printers from
application programs on the  DOS clients by redirecting DOS logical
printer ports (LPT1, LPT2, etc.) to the Microsoft Network shared
printers (mainly HP laser printers).

Under a Novell NetWare system, I know that the "CAPTURE" utility
can be used to redirect the logical port (which can range from LPT1
through LPT9) to a remote NetWare print queue.

How is the same result achieved just with the Microsoft Network Client
for DOS drivers. Can I just use the "NET USE" command to redirect
(and can I use up to 9 " LPT" logical ports like Novell)?  Is there
any additional utility, or TSR driver required to accomplish remote
network printing (for example, "Print Manager")?. Finally, both my DOS
clients are using the Basic Redirector, and configured "Not to Logon
to NT Domain". Do I need to use the Full Redirector,  and/or Logon to
an NT Domain Server to access a remote network printer?

If anyone has any information or experience with remote network
printing using Microsoft Network Clients for DOS I would appreciate
their comments, either from another posted message, or e-mailing
me directly:

Thank You.

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