Turbo Vision, SETEdit and RHIDE releases

Turbo Vision, SETEdit and RHIDE releases

Post by Salvador Eduardo Trope » Fri, 18 Jul 2003 00:01:59

Hi All!

Quick introduction:

Turbo Vision is a TUI (Text User Interface) library for C++ providing
windows, mouse and the popular widgets used in modern GUIs. The library
is very portable and was compiled for DOS, Win32 (MinGW, CygWin, BC++
and MSVC),  Linux,  FreeBSD, QNX and Solaris. The code is functional for
x86, Alpha, SPARC, PPC, StrongARM, Itanium and HPPA, but the only target
100% tested is x86.
SETEdit is a text editor that uses Turbo Vision for the UI. It have
special features for programming and can read .info help files (the ones
included with most GNU tools and djgpps libc).
RHIDE is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) that uses SETEdit
for the editor and help system and adds a makefile system and de*.
Note that not all the advanced features of SETEdit are available in the IDE.


The following are available:
Turbo Vision 2.0.2 RC1 (Release Candidate 1)
SETEdit "Iguaz I" 0.5.2 RC1
RHIDE 1.5 + SETEdit 0.5.2 + TV 2.0.2 (CVS branch "for_tvision_2)

Turbo Vision adds a class to abstract gettext (libintl) usage and
replace the iconv stuff by a much (really much) more small code. Other
additions are oriented to Linux, BC++ 5.6 (Builder 6), MSVC 7 and other
SETEdit adds tags support (look for ctags) providing word completion,
jump to symbol definition and class browser. This release also adds some
mechanisms to solve collisions when some file under edition is modified
RHIDE is compiled with the last editor and TUI. It solves problems when
reading help files. I also compiled a binary using djgpp 2.04 alpha, it
contains workarounds for bugs in Windows 2000 and XP so I think this
binary should be better for people using those Windows NT incarnations.
The binaries also use gdb 5.3.

Current status:

The releases are tagged as "Release Candidate", but some were released
two weeks ago and seems to work ok.

Where to download:

Turbo Vision:
Only sources are available to avoid problems when using different
versions of binutils and gcc.
Please report compilation problems, I dont have 100 djgpp combinations
to test them at home.

I recommend downloading the edi052rc1i.zip installer. You just need to
uncompress and run the installer.

Important! you have to download RHIDE 1.5 or newer from
binaries available in the above mentioned section.

Enjoy, SET

Salvador Eduardo Tropea (SET). (Electronics Engineer)
Visit my home page: http://www.veryComputer.com/

Address: Curapaligue 2124, Caseros, 3 de Febrero
Buenos Aires, (1678), ARGENTINA Phone: +(5411) 4759 0013


1. Turbo Vision 2.0.0 released

Hi All!

  Just to inform that Turbo Vision 2.0.0 was released.
  The .zip file containing sources (no binaries) can be downloaded from
Source Forge: http://tvision.sf.net/
  I already uploaded the .zip to DJs site so it will be also available
from Simtelnet network soon.

Whats TV?

Turbo Vision (TVision for short) is a TUI (Text User Interface) that
implements the well known CUA widgets. With TVision you can create an
/intuitive/ text mode application, intuitive means it will have CUA like
interface (check boxes, radio buttons, push buttons, input lines,
pull-down menues, status bars, etc.). All the people acustomed to the
Windows, MacOS, OS/2, Motif, GTK, etc. interfaces will understand the
interface at first sight.

Whats new?

* Configuration files support. Now you can set options that controls TV
using simple text files. They can be used to customize applications also.
* Code pages support. More than 43 code pages covering the most common
latin, cyrillic and greek encodings.
* Fonts support. You can load upto 2 fonts.
* Pseudo-drivers scheme to isolate terminal dependent details.
* The DOS driver is safier. Now the library doesnt use the "VGA BIOS
save/restore state" call, it seems to be buggy in a lot of boards. The
support for it can be enabled using configuration files.
And more.

Some extra info:

+Now the library supports:
* DOS, FreeBSD, Linux (console, XTerm/Eterm and X11), QNX, Solaris,
Win32 (i.e. Cygwin & MinGW)
* gcc, BC++ and MSVC
* Alpha, PPC, SPARC and x86 (tested, I guess more are supported)
+ Thanks to Florian Xaver, he was the only that replied my post to the
djgpp list when I asked for testing.
+ RHIDE doesnt compile using TV 2.0.0, youll have to wait for that.
+ SETEdit version that compiles with it is v0.5.0 only available from
cvs. SETEdit v0.4.54 wont copile using it.
+ The X11 driver emulates a text mode "drawing" it, an equivalent Win32
driver using the GDI API is included but is experimental.
+ An Allegro driver was tested as a probe of concept and should be
available in future releases.


Salvador Eduardo Tropea (SET). (Electronics Engineer)
Visit my home page: http://welcome.to/SetSoft or

Address: Curapaligue 2124, Caseros, 3 de Febrero
Buenos Aires, (1678), ARGENTINA Phone: +(5411) 4759 0013

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