IBM PC-IX assembler format

IBM PC-IX assembler format

Post by Kenneth J. Hendricks » Wed, 25 Jul 1990 16:29:34

Help!  I need the syntax for the IBM PC-IX assembler.  PC-IX is Big
Blue's Unix for PC's.  Their assembler syntax is _NOT_ the same as the
Microsoft MASM assembler.

Actually, I'm running Minix, but the assembler syntax is the same as
PC-IX's assembler syntax.  If you can help at all, please send email or
post.  The documentation for the Minix assembler is close to

If you have any information, please post or email.  What I really want
is a document detailing the syntax of the assembler.  If you have such a
document, but not in electronic form, I'm willing to pay for duplication
and postage if required.  Please email.



Dear msdos.programmers:

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