est-ce que c'est toi?

est-ce que c'est toi?

Post by andréanne paque » Thu, 10 Jul 2003 01:47:36

                                                 Allo LORIE j'espere que
s'est toi!
                                 En tout cas je crois que quand on s'inscris
pour que tu nous crive chaque jours chu pas sur que s vrai en tous cas
rcris moi s.v.p ton admiratrice

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1. 00:00:01 EST Status: LIVE

Status Alert: .BIZ is NOW LIVE

The new .BIZ domain extension was officially launched today, and new registrations are already on a record-setting pace.  Several sites have just made .BIZ available to the general public which means that ordinary internet users can register this exciting new domain without the cumbersome paperwork.  One such popular site is:

Brief History
Back in November, 2000,  ICANN, the regulatory agency which oversees the Internet's Domain Name System, approved seven new domain extensions to meet growing demand from the consumer and business sectors.  Since the new extensions were first announced last year, experts have widely expected .BIZ to become the most popular of the new extensions and to eventually supercede .COM. The .BIZ registry will be managed by upstart NeuLevel, in direct competition with the former monopoly of Network Solutions. .BIZ represents the first new generic domain name to be introduced since .COM was first launched in 1984. In the ten year span between 1984 and 1994, less than one million .COM domains were registered in total. Today, the registration total for .BIZ will have already exceeded one million. How times have changed...

The Benefits:
BIZ aims to be the quintessential domain choice for all businesses on the Internet.  Short for .BUSINESS, the .BIZ domain directly addresses the growing need for new generic domain names to eventually replace .COM as the Internet most widely used domain name. The benefits to go .BIZ are clear:
* abundant availability of easy to remember and practical domain names
* technically recognized across the Internet's DNS
* short and catchy extension
* affordable registration fees and simplified registration procedures

"Establishing a .biz domain name also will help companies cut through the .com clutter. More than 28 million .com names have already been registered. Since the .com domain covers so many sites serving so many different purposes, it's impossible to know whether a particular .com address represents a bona-fide business. In contrast, .biz means business, period."
Chicago Tribune, August 22, 2001

To register a new .BIZ extension, you will simply need to check the availability of your domain name at: and then register it using the easy 3 step process which takes less than 5 minutes.



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