Where to get ndmake ??

Where to get ndmake ??

Post by Leo H.Vermeul » Wed, 25 Jul 1990 22:54:53


I've been trying to compile NetHack that was recently posted on the
net on my pc, but since I lack the NDmake utility, it turned out to be
a bit of a pain in the neck.

I tried to find it in the Simtel archives by giving the following

That sorta worked...it got a mail back saying that exactly 1 file matched
the pattern I gave.

Two questions:
1) what am I doing wrong? Shouldn't I have received a directory listing of
   the matching files?
2) where can I get ndmake??

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1. LOOKING FOR -- Don Kneller, ndmake author

Does anyone know here I can find Don Kneller.  He's the author of
the excellent make utility, NDMAKE ver 4.5, that's available

Thanks in advance,
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