Recursive subdirectory search and action

Recursive subdirectory search and action

Post by Jonathan de Boyne Pollar » Tue, 22 Jul 2003 23:56:44

PG> I'm trying to write a script that recursivly checks sub
PG> directories of a folder and if they are empty, writes a
PG> blank dummy.txt file to it.

An easier thing to do would be to ensure that all directories contain a
"dummy.txt" file.  Here's a 4NT or TCWIN32 one-liner that (presuming that the
current directory has already been changed to be the top-level directory in
the hierarchy) does that:



1. Need: Recursive directory search of all files for specified text

I need to do this in a batch file:

Find all files with the specified text in all files of the current directory
and all its child directories.

For example: Entering at command line "lookfor ducks" would find all
files with the word ducks in the currrent directory and all directories
below it using the file lookfor.bat.

attrib /v finds all directories
find      will find specified text for specified directory
for       might be the needed loop to accomplish this

Thank you

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