WATTCP installation

WATTCP installation

Post by Rob Sne » Wed, 08 Oct 1997 04:00:00

Yes I can compile and run finger nicely, but now I want to port a
serious unix program, which (among many others) expects
  include/sys/socket.h instead of include/tcp/socket.h
  the existence of include/arpa/inet.h
  the existence of netdb.h
The latter header files are not available but may (?) be copied from a

How do I organize this WATTCP into DJGPP in order to create a "normal"
Anybody has done this before?

I tried to mix the TCPlib into the DJGPP structure (see below) without
The system is complaining about various redefinitions.

Note: In the following instructions, it is assummed that the DJGPP
version 2.0 software is in the directory:  d:\djgpp.v2

1. copy d:\tmp\tcplib\obj\libtcp.a d:\djgpp.v2\lib

2. cd d:\tmp\tcplib\include\tcp
   copy *.* d:\djgpp.v2\include

3. d:\tmp\tcplib\include\types.h d:\djgpp.v2\include\types.h

4. cd d:\tmp\tcplib\include

      The file ERRNO.H has to be combined with the file
      d:\djgpp.v2\include\ERRNO.H, in the d:\djgpp.v2\include

      The file TIME.H has to be combined with the file
      d:\djgpp.v2\include\TIME.H, in the d:\djgpp.v2\include


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