Announce DJGPP and Win 2K/XP beta testing availabbility

Announce DJGPP and Win 2K/XP beta testing availabbility

Post by Andrew Cottrel » Thu, 06 Sep 2001 22:03:09

Hi all,

Allot of time has been spent getting DJGPP working on Win 2K / XP and
it is at a stage where more testing is required and is now in a
useable state. If you would like to help out in testing DJGPP under
Win 2K or XP pelase read on.

The unofficial  DJGPP Windows 2000 site at has a number of binary zip
files that will allow people to start testign DJGPP under Win 2K. If
you are not familiar with DJGPP do not download any of the files. The
files are still under development and as such do not download then
unless you want to help out in a beta testing the packages.

1) Do not use these files unless you have been using DJGPP for a
2) Do not use these for producing production software.
3) The files have been built with an untested version of LIBC.
4) The files have not been fully tested as they are so new.
5) If you feel lucky please try the files.
6) The files work on Win 98 so if you want to try the latest and like
it on the edge give it a try.