Looking for DustBlue.pal palette file

Looking for DustBlue.pal palette file

Post by Michael » Thu, 10 Jul 2003 13:34:36

I'm looking for a DOS palette file that worked with a couple of DOS
color utilities. I particularly liked this palette and can not
duplicate it.  It was named DUSTBLUE.PAL and came with a palette
modifying utility that I downloaded about a year ago.  I haven't used
the program and don't remember the name.  Although I have searched
several such utilities, I have not been able to find this palette.

Does anyone remember seeing this?  Could you tell me where I might
find it?



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Hi Evry1,

The subject says it all ...
How can I, using Allegro, read in a .map-file (used in fractint) or
pal-file (used in Paint Shop Pro) into a PALETTE structure ?

Or how can I display a picture using a palette from a .map-file ?

The problem is that .map-files and .pal-files are textfiles with 256
(r,g,b) triplets, e.g.

0         0     0
128 255 128
64     64   64
... (and so on)

with each r,g,b value ranging from 0 to 255, while in a PALETTE
structure each r,g,b value ranges from 0 to 63 (as you might know:-))

Thanks for all help,

Edward Boone (alias Epsilon Beta)

/* Only nothing seems to be what it looks like */

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