4DOS 5.0B not loading AUTOEXEC.BAT

4DOS 5.0B not loading AUTOEXEC.BAT

Post by Sten Dresch » Sun, 16 Jan 1994 06:16:10

        I've been having a problem with 4DOS not loading AUTOEXEC when
the system boots.  I have the problem most frequently when I run
Optimize from QEMM 7.03 and 4DOS is NOT loaded low, but I've run into
the problem at other times.  The only definite clue I have toward the
cause is that when this happens, the COMSPEC variable is not set, which
leads me to believe that 4DOS, for some reason, cannot find itself
[please, no bad jokes about this] even when I explicitly tell it where
it is on the SHELL= line.  Has anyone else encountered/solved this?

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