Questions about the diskette Volume Serial Number

Questions about the diskette Volume Serial Number

Post by Todd Stevens » Sat, 12 Sep 1992 04:29:20

It appears that each time a floppy is formatted, a quasi-unique serial
number is generated.  How can I access that in my programs?

Thank you.

Todd Stevenson
3M Health Information Systems


1. Volume Serial Number Questions

 I would like to find information on the Volume Serial Number created
for disks when you format them under MS-DOS. Now don't get confused
with the Volume Label...I'm talking the number CHKDSK displays
e.g.  Volume Serial Number is 1234-5678   <<<< This is what I want
      123456789 bytes total disk space
      etc blah blah

and not the Volume label you get when you do a DIR
e.g. Volume is drive D is Information     <<<< Not this
     Directory of D:\
     .   <DIR>  01-23-45  12:34
     ..  <DIR>  01-23-45  12:34

The information I would like is:
    1. How do I read the volume serial number from a DOS program?
    2. What is it really used for?
    3. How is it generated?
    4. Can it be changed?

Thanks for any help

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