User Interface programming Q's

User Interface programming Q's

Post by Jason L. Tibbitts I » Tue, 19 May 1992 17:35:04

It seems that I'm going to be doing some user interface work on MS-DOS
machines.  My spec requires the code to run on a vanilla MS-DOS machine (no
OS/2, Windows, etc.) with at least EGA.  It must have a cutesy mouse
driven graphical interface with click-able buttons and the like.

My questions stem from the fact that I've only programmed under UN*X/X
(Open Look), AmigaDOS and Macintosh operating systems.  The concepts of
having to worry about the display hardware and drawing the mouse cursor are
a bit baffling to me.  So I ask:

Must I actually contend with such trivialities, or will the C compiler
(possibly either WatCom or Microsoft) handle these things for me?  (I'm
sure the system won't.)  Are there link-able libraries I can use to handle
such tasks (PD or Commercial)?  Something like XVT is overkill, as Open
Look and SunView (yes, I know) ports of the product already exist.  I
believe I can handle simple gadgets and windows, but I have a feeling
string gadgets are going to be a royal pain.

If anyone has any pointers to useful products or would be willing to
converse and answer more detailed questions, please email me.  I'll
summarize if there's interest.

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