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Submit your site - Agregar tu web - URL anmelden - Ajouter un site

Post by Fine Art Directo » Thu, 01 May 2003 02:24:52

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<P><FONT color="#FF0099"><B><FONT size="2"><I>Art-Online</I></FONT></B></FONT><FONT size="2"><I>
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To take advantage of the 900,000 Artprice customers (galleries, museum curators, collectors,
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<B>You can choose between:</B>
<LI><B>the <FONT color="#FF0099">Priority submission</FONT> US$ 44* / 39 EUR,</B><FONT color="#FF0099"><B>
</B></FONT>the only guarantee that your submission will be processed by an art-online
editor within <FONT color="#FF0099"><B>3&nbsp;business days</B></FONT>.</LI>
<LI>or <B>the <FONT color="#FF0099">Standard submission</FONT> US$ 17* / 15 EUR,</B>
without any guaranteed delay.</LI>
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<P><FONT size="2">*Converted rate. Approximate price in US$, only for customer convenience.</FONT></P>
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