Terminal Emulation shareware wanted

Terminal Emulation shareware wanted

Post by WULLSCHLEGER,URS PET » Wed, 09 Aug 1995 04:00:00

Hey, I need a good terminal-emulation sharware for DOS (not Windows!!).
Is there anybody who can give me a ftp or www adress for a good application.
It must support the COM2 Port of my old 386...



1. WANTED : terminal emulation software

Does anybody know if there exists an anonymous ftp site from which some terminal
emulation software is available. I need to do the following :

Connect a DOS machine to a modem. Dial up my unix (Solaris) workstation in office
and run a unix shell in a terminal emulation package under DOS / Windows 3.1.

Finally read my mail in that terminal emulation window. How I wish somebody were
to port mailtool to DOS !

Any ideas ?



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