compiler comparison

compiler comparison

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Hello ,

I am busy with an investigation in different compilers on the DOS platform.
Therefor I am looking for information about the following topics. If anyone
can help me with it, I would be very pleased.
1  Comparison between the 32 bits compilers from ZOrtech, Wattcom and Metaware.
   Especially performance and program environment. It is ment to use these
   compilers for graphical programs.
2  The different compilers available for C++ and why one is better than the
3  Information about the DOS extenders from Rational Systems, Phar Lab and

I am aware that these questions are about a very big area. It would be very
good if I could get some reactions from the real users of these different

My Email adress is :

also reach me at:
Hans Timmermans, 75730,1727.

Hans Timmermans



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Nils Ellmenreich                        Universit"at  Passau, Germany

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