ANNOUNCE: Updated FAQ list for Free-DOS

ANNOUNCE: Updated FAQ list for Free-DOS

Post by James Ha » Thu, 15 Dec 1994 01:22:51

I've updated the Frequently asked questions list for Free-DOS.  It has
been divided into sections (granted, still not too many questions) so
that it will be easier to modify and look up.  You automatically get a
copy of the FAQ by fingering y accout at:

The file itself is kept on in


1. ANNOUNCE: Updated task list for Free-DOS

The task list was really the only document that had gotten hopelessly
out of date, so I updated it.  You will like the new version, I think.
You can very easily see what utilities have been done, and which need
to be done.

Pick it up at in pub/micro/pc-stuff/freedos/doc

2. Portable Use of New

3. ANNOUNCE: Free-DOS project update

4. multiple login on ILS's

5. ANNOUNCE: Free-DOS shell, updated tasklist available

6. Fax modem and fax machine direct connect

7. ANNOUNCE: Free-DOS groups list on sunsite

8. Application notes for central-site modem pools?

9. ANNOUNCE: Free-DOS F.A.Q. on sunsite

10. Free-DOS project status update - call for volunteers

11. Free-DOS update

12. Announcement: Free-DOS WWW page updated

13. ANNOUNCE: DJGPP port of Free Recode 3.5 (update)