DEVICE.COM problem

DEVICE.COM problem

Post by Egon Schneid » Thu, 07 Aug 2003 17:42:29

Hi *,

I'm trying to create a bootable __cdrom__, using the dos version
supplied with windows 98 se. For some reason, i'd like to load most of
the drivers "on demand" (i.e. not in config.sys, but e.g. in
autoexec.bat) using some tool called "" which is part of the
default windows 98 boot disk.

As a starting point for the cdrom, i created a bootdisk. it works like
a charm, i can even load himem.sys via the utility. The
same applies for cd-rom drivers, network drivers and so on. As a disk
is quite limited in size, I created a small partition on my harddisk,
filled it with all the files from the bootdisk (later on, I wanted to
add some more programs, that's why I used a partition), made the
partition startable via and burnt a boot cd from this
partition using ahead's nero 5.5.

But: This CD doesn't work, although it contains the same files as my
boot disk... The computer hangs whenever it loads e.g. "
himem.sys". Again: From the disk (even when you write-protect it), it

My test files are as follows:
config.sys is empty
autoexec.bat just contains the following line: himem.sys

Does anyone of you know why? I'm stuck and don't know what else to

BTW: The same happens when you use or any similar tool I

Thanks in advance,
egon schneider