genclass and STL objects

genclass and STL objects

Post by usrvn.. » Fri, 15 Sep 1995 04:00:00

Quote:>There are templates for DLList, SLList, Maps, Sets, Bags, and some others.

Other than using the genclass program to generate the header files (it looks
like the STL distribution from HP and RPI uses the template facility to do the
equivalent thing), are these used the same as the STL objects of the same

Where can I find examples of use?


1. Where is "genclass"?

Could someone tell me where I can find this "genclass" thing?  Does it
with DJGPP?  I thought I had a rather complete set of DJGPP.  And, Do I
need it to use the Container Class provided by the libgpp?  In fact, the
"proto" section in the "libgpp" info is very confusing to me, since I am
new to
C++ programing.


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