Background FTP Server for DOS

Background FTP Server for DOS

Post by Tibor Mocs » Sat, 26 Aug 2000 04:00:00


>I'm in need of an FTP server that runs in the background in DOS so that
>we can pull files off of the PC over our LAN while another application
>is running.

>It's a lot to ask, but does anyone know of a solution?

Nothing is impossible. You need either a combination of
DOS+QEMM+Desqview or simply a multitasking DOS - DR DOS - .
Alternatively you could also use DOS+Windows 3.1x(for Workgroups).
These should be integrated into your LAN.
At any rate, you need a multitasking environment. Than you should setup
the FTP server - I'd suggest any brand of KA9Q - . (There is another ftp
server at Simtel, A-FTP, can run off a floppy but lacks any security system.)
I'm sure you won't find it easy, but as said above, everything is possible,
even with DOS.

Tibor Mocsar


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Either post here, or email me on

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