TSBAT26.ARC collection of batch files & tricks at garbo

TSBAT26.ARC collection of batch files & tricks at garbo

Post by Timo Sal » Fri, 12 Jul 1991 03:20:48

Tue 9-Jul-91: I have updated my collection of useful batch files. It
is now /pc/ts/tsbat26.arc.
   Note that even if you don't perhaps need the same batches as I
do, these batches may teach you many useful batch programming
tricks which I have accumulated during my PC years.
   Made a number of minor stylistic corrections.
   Since someone cracked the pkzip 1.10 authenticity (-av) code some
BBSes have been putting in their own ads as the authenticity labels.
A new batch rezip.bat removes these labels, which may give the users
a false sense of security.
   Added a simple batch ruler.bat which shows the screen columns
using ansi codes to avoid excessive scrolling.
   I have my ramdisk on currently on drive R on my PCs which I use
at home and at office.  For whatever it is worth I have updated the
batches to reflect this change. Some of the batches require anyway
that you edit the paths in them to reflect yours, so no added
problem arise because of this.  And, if you have your own ramdisk,
say, on d:, you can put the statement subst r: d:\ eg in your
autoexec.bat file to avoid the need of editing just because we may
happen to have ramdisks on different drives. (To be accurate there
is no absolute need of your d: physically being a ramdisk. But it
makes things a bit faster.)

TSBAT26.ARC     Batch file collection, T.Salmi
Filename        Comment                             Date      Time
--------        --------------------------------    ----      ----
ADDPATH.BAT     Append directories to the path    10-21-90  17:44:06
APATH-OM.BAT    Otto Makela's version of addpath  01-13-90  12:32:30
ARC2ZIP.BAT     Single .arc to .zip with comment  06-15-91  15:39:44
ASK.EXE         Ask questions in a batch file     12-29-90  13:50:10
BLANK.BAT       Poor man's screen saver           03-28-90  10:42:54
BLK.BAT         Poor man's screen saver & popup   07-08-91  06:30:38
C.BAT           Lazy changing of directory        03-14-90  15:39:46
COLOR.BAT       Set screen color attributes       10-21-90  20:00:02
D.BAT           Directory with sort & wildsearch  07-09-91  03:57:38
DAILY.BAT       Run a program only once a day     10-21-90  20:11:52
DELDIR.BAT      Remove directory and its files    01-22-91  19:34:20
DELPATH.BAT     Delete a directory from the path  10-21-90  18:34:30
FU.BAT          Poor man's function evaluator     07-10-91  13:38:32
LASTBOOT.BAT    Show date + time of previos boot  10-21-90  20:22:12
LINK1.BAT       How to link batch files together  10-31-89  14:26:14
LINK2.BAT       Batch link demo's second file     11-15-89  12:23:24
LOCATE.BAT      Wildcard file find                01-14-90  11:22:56
LOGRUN.BAT      Log program usage & time and run  07-10-91  13:45:24
M.BAT           Give multiple MsDos commands      03-04-90  11:08:08
MAKESURE.BAT    Simple command.com virus warning  01-14-90  11:54:56
MENU.BAT        Run programs from a menu          12-29-90  16:55:30
POPDIRE.BAT     Restore (pop) saved directory     01-14-90  11:57:14
POPPATH.BAT     Restore the saved path            01-14-90  11:59:44
PUSHDIRE.BAT    Non-resident push directory       01-14-90  11:58:18
PUSHPATH.BAT    Save the current path             01-14-90  11:58:44
REZIP.BAT       Remove zip authenticity label     07-10-91  13:34:58
RULER.BAT       Show screen columns               07-09-91  03:38:50
RUN.BAT         Testing for viruses               01-14-90  12:11:24
SAFEDEL.BAT     Safe delete of files              12-28-90  18:53:46
SAFEDEL1.BAT    Auxiliary batch to safedel.bat    12-28-90  19:01:28
SCANZ.BAT       Scan for viruses (incl. execomp)  07-09-91  22:51:48
SCOPY.BAT       Copy a file with a single device  06-28-90  12:09:08
SETCOM.BAT      Secure your command.com           07-10-91  13:50:38
SETPRN.BAT      Set an Epson compatible printer   03-13-91  07:39:10
SETPUSHD.EXE    Program for nonresident pushdire  01-13-90  17:33:42
SETVAR.BAT      Sets a variable for delpath.bat   01-15-90  22:19:38
SHOW.BAT        Wildcard multifile type command   10-21-90  20:40:20
SHOW1.BAT       Auxiliary batch for show.bat      06-01-90  06:07:08
TSBAT.INF       Document (a readme)               07-10-91  14:03:38
TSBAT.NWS       News concerning this package      07-10-91  14:00:46
TSPROG.INF      List of PD programs from T.Salmi  03-30-91  10:23:20
UNPACK.BAT      Unpack-test-view any archivetype  12-28-90  19:30:56
VAASA.INF       Info: Finland, Vaasa, U of Vaasa  02-02-90  11:52:54
VIRUS.BAT       Another batch-based virus test    10-21-90  20:47:04
WHERE.BAT       Generic searchstring fname find   10-21-90  20:48:26
ZIPDATE.BAT     Equate .zip date to latest file   07-09-91  22:56:42
ZOO2ZIPH.BAT    Single .zoo to .zip on harddisk   07-09-91  22:58:04
----            ------             ------  -----
0047            111557              63596   43%

"The wares are available by anonymous ftp from garbo.uwasa.fi,
Vaasa, Finland,, or by using our mail server (use the
latter if, and only if you don't have anonymous ftp).  If you are
not familiar with anonymous ftp or mail servers, I am prepared to
send prerecorded instructions on request.  (If you don't get the
instructions from me within a few days, it will mean that your email
address cannot be reached by a simple email reply.  It that case,
contact your system manager for devicing a proper mail path for you,
because unless you do, you wouldn't be able to utilize the mail
server anyway.  If you are in North America first consider using an
ftp site near you to spare the overseas load.)"

Prof. Timo Salmi
Moderating at garbo.uwasa.fi anonymous ftp archives
School of Business Studies, University of Vaasa, SF-65101, Finland