Small Gem

Small Gem

Post by Tin » Mon, 07 Jul 2003 00:12:36

The World's Smallest DIGITAL CAMERA, CAMCORDER & *! All built into

Small Enough to Fit on a Keychain... Big Enough to Take High-Quality
Digital Photos, Record Video, & Act as a Full-Motion *!

This is the World's first incredible Mini-Digital Camera, so versatile
it's awesome! Retailers are selling them for over $200 but we have an
exclusive web-offer of ONLY $39.95!

Every Order Includes:

- Smart Mini Camera (functions as digital camera/camcorder/*)
- USB connector cable
- Leather Case
- Image editing software
- Keychain
- BATTERY (AAA size)

Get more Info here:

Record Live Video, Take pictures, Email them to friends, Connect to the
internet & use as a * Live, etc! The list goes on.....

* Capture Full-Motion Video
* Take Digital quality photos
* Internet ready *

Seen on TechTv, Discovery Channel, MTV, & others!

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