Help: 'WormHole' program doesn't work

Help: 'WormHole' program doesn't work

Post by Ingolf Kar » Fri, 15 Oct 1993 17:43:18


I got the 'WormHole' program recently described in "MS System Journal"  
which does a simple drag-and-drop file copy between 2 PC's
based on WinSocket-API (and TCP/IP). The program reads in
the IP-number or the name of the server to connect to, but then it exits
while connecting to other host with the error message

        Cannot locate host ... <host_name>. Unrecoverable error 11003

We are running the newest version of PCNFS under MSWindows 3.1, and thus we are
using the 'winsock.lib' and the TCP/IP implementation provided by PCNFS.
Our LAN is a Ethernet, and the PCNFS Server for the PC's is a Sun worksation.
My question is:

        How does a PC resolve the hostname or the host-IP-address if only PCNFS is running?
        I tried to run the program simultaneously on both PC's (the first listening and the other one
        requesting), but no TCP/IP connection was possible.
        If I want to set up a TCP/IP communication between 2 PC's: do I need further software
        beside  PCNFS ?

Thanks in advance!

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