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Quote:> I need a Quick Help about the LBP4 Canon printer.

>    I need the code of this printer for :
> 1st -> put it in landscape mode
> 2nd -> put the font in compressed mode
> 3th -> To get out the page and to pick up a new one.

>    If you've got the others, you get them to me...

Landscape  :  esc[1%r
Portrait   :  esc[0%r
15 Pitch   :  esc[2 K
10 Pitch   :  esc[0 K
Eject      :  FF
Load       :  Done automatically
Reset      :  esc <
Hard Reset :  esc c    (don't use this one unless you understand it)

If you need the HEX or ASCII translation, email me.



PS  I work for Canon printer tech support in Australia, so feel free to
direct any questions to me via email.



 > MDM> Will 4DOS work with IBM PC-DOS 7.0?
 >It should work if PC-DOS 7 still supports the SHELL= line. :-)
 Ca> what is PC DOS 7.0 ? I thought it was DOS 6.3 .
Nope, that was the previous one.

 Ca> or is it a new release of MS DOS by IBM ? I never heard about that.
It's out ! Just newly released...

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