Beta testers wanted for a 4-bar linkage application

Beta testers wanted for a 4-bar linkage application

Post by Pierre Darm » Sat, 25 Jul 1992 08:39:00

Keywords: 4-bar linkages, beta testers, DXF, AutoCAD

MECADAR Technologies is looking for additional beta testers for a
software product. The application is a design tool for mechanical
engineers to assist them in the design of 4-bar linkages. It requires
a PC (from XT to 486) with a graphics adapter (CGA, EGA, VGA, Hercules,
... ) and a printer (parallel or serial). Expanded memory is a plus but
not required. The software runs under DOS 3.0 or later. The application
can write DXF files that can later be read by AutoCAD.

If you are interested send us a note explaining why you think you would
make a good beta tester for this application. Also specify the hardware
you will be running it on.

                      MECADAR Technologies Inc.
                      250 Garth Road, Suite 7B3
                      Scarsdale, New York 10583

                      Attn: Pierre Darmon

or fax to: (914) 723-4613.

If you require more information call Pierre Darmon at (914) 723-4124.
Thank you.

Pierre Darmon
MECADAR Technologies Inc.


1. Wanted: Beta testers for 4DOS UNIX...

I have written a UNIX-like package in 4DOS, and I need beta are the features:

* Operates standalone or as BBs door
* Includes Dial-In host that looks like FrontDoor
* Full Password/Login protection, account expiration and locks
* Customizable MOTD/login message/all messages
* Includes interactive shell with basic unix commands
* Includes TERM support for ANSI and ASCII (other terminals)
* PINE-like mail package and 2 file/user mail folders - no limit on # users
* Sorted into bin/ etc/ swap/ mail/ news/ ...
* Semi-fullscreen editor
* TIN-like non-threaded News Reader with full article support, unlimited groups
* Simple User manipulation, utilities like adduser and ability to login
   as new to apply for an account

   delivered to "mailhost" for Internet Dispatching.
* FTP client/server package to set up hard disk directories as FTP sites
* TelNet Client/server to run external programs defined in INI file (ie.
   telnet tw2002.localhost could run TradeWars 2002.)
* System Manager utility to login as secure user "nobody" and do maintainance
* 3 security levels so far (the GIDs 0,1,2) for dead account, normal
   user, and superuser.
* Drop to dos if superuser under most Apps
* NEW! LS+ filesystem is a complex array of batch files that use the file
   "" for premissions, owners and long filenames.
* Full RFCs (References) on all functions explaining in detail what files
   are used and their formats so anyone could develop 3rd party apps.
* Local "finger" support which reports the last login, full name, etc.
* Written in 99.8% 4DOS (sz/rz commands use DSZ, and rot13 uses a C
   program by me)

I will be making this package available to 2 people only.

It is called "ZebraOS 1.2.4_B" and all of it is "Zebra" software....


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