New TmpCreat beta to try, anyone?

New TmpCreat beta to try, anyone?

Post by Harry Potte » Tue, 24 May 2011 00:01:13

Yes, I am still working on Template Creator for DOS (TmpCreat for
short).  TmpCreat is a utility to create, handle and make new files of
templates.  The latest beta offers 64 templates per file type and 128
file types.  Some have commented that TmpCreat is a front-end to DOS's
XCOPY command.  This is true, but the benefit of TmpCreat is that it
allows you to organize and manage your templates.  If you want to try

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1. Has anyone tried out the new laptop-oriented trackballs?

I've been using the Ballpoint Mouse on my Sharp 6220 extensively for
about 2 weeks now.  So far I am reasonably happy with it but there are
some things that annoy me.

The biggest problem is that the ball is made of a fairly slick plastic
and it is very light.  As a result, sometimes you will be moving the
mouse in one direction and the cursor will simply stop, even though
your thumb is still moving.  I think this is because the ball is
slipping on the rollers that pick up the mouse movement.  This really,
really bugs me.

One way that Microsoft might fix this is to make the ball rubberized.
I have been thinking of tracking down a mouse and swapping the balls
to see if this helps.  However, another aspect of the Ballpoint Mouse
design might prevent this.

The Ballpoint Mouse was designed with a plastic spring-loaded
retaining ring that is used to force the ball into the rollers that
pick up mouse movement; I would guess that this design is due to the
fact that the mouse can be mounted at various angles and because the
ball is so light.  This design results in a fair amount of friction on
the mouse ball which prevents it from rolling freely and
unfortunately, it feels (to me) like you have to push hard on the
ball.  (It also sounds scratchy if you listen closely.)

I tried removing this spring-loaded retaining ring and the mouse
(again, to me) "feels" much better.

Finally, the buttons feel pretty flimsy, they can bend in weird

This is not to say that I don't like the Ballpoint Mouse.  The best
part about the Ballpoint Mouse is care that went into the design.  The
button placement and the ability to adjust the angle make it very
pleasant to use.  Also, very important to me is the spring-loaded
mechanism that attaches the mouse to the laptop.  This allows the
mouse to pop off in the event of excessive force- more than once I
bashed the mouse into something that caused it to pop off and prevent
damage to either the computer or the mouse.


In summary, I prefer the old Microsoft Mouse.  On the other hand, if
you want portability the Ballpoint Mouse is great.  The Ballpoint is
pleasant and easy to use and the thoughtful design protects both the
computer and the mouse.  On the down side, the Ballpoint Mouse
"freezes" once in a while and I think I would prefer a heavier ball
that had a rubberized surface.


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