Free-DOS status/FAQ (programmers wanted)

Free-DOS status/FAQ (programmers wanted)

Post by M. Hannibal To » Thu, 20 Jul 1995 04:00:00

Hello. What follows is some information regarding the Free-DOS project.
The goal of Free-DOS is to create a free MS-DOS compatible operating
system. Who says DOS is dead? :) We just don't think you should have
to pay for it.

Files and more information can be found below, or via the following
URL on the Web:

Thanks for your time. If I can be of further assistance, please do
not hesitate to contact me via E-mail.

                                        M. "Hannibal" Toal
                                        Free-DOS project coordinator


Free-DOS FAQ, Project Status Update, and Task List

compiled by: Morgan "Hannibal" Toal <>

This file was updated on or about: 18 June 1995

The information in this file supersedes all other Free-DOS files
and information where applicable.

If you see an error here, please email me.



General:        M. "Hannibal" Toal <>
Kernel:         Pat Villani <>
Shell:          Tim Norman <>
Documentation:  Bill Weinman <>
Testing:        Rob Schanke <>
                (Rob's summer address: <>)
Micro-C:        Dave Dunfield <>

BBS Archive:    'puternet BBS, 515.232.7631
                Rob Schanke's BBS, 717.691.0807        

FTP Archive:

WWW pages:

Mailing list:   Mail to:
                Subject: subscribe your-email-address
                Subject: unsubscribe your-email-address

Please note that James Hall <> can no longer maintain
the utilities he has written due to the commitments of his new career, but
is occasionally available for comment. :)

Special acknowledgements to...

   Peter Busser for setting up the mailing list
   The staff of for providing the original FTP site
   BearHeart and the staff of for providing the alternate FTP site


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What is Free-DOS?
A. Free-DOS will be a complete MS-DOS compatible operating system,
   suitable for any DOS capable platform. Free-DOS will be distributed
   under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

Q. How do I get the Free-DOS files?
A. You want the Free-DOS ALPHA 4 RELEASE. Look for the file FD_A4PRE.ZIP,
   located on and More complete information
   is listed elsewhere in this document.

Q. What is DOS/NT?
A. DOS/NT is now OBSOLETE and has been SUPERSEDED by DOS-C, by the
   same author.

Q. Where is the DOS-C kernel source?
A. Due to legal reasons, the source for the DOS-C kernel CAN NOT BE
   RELEASED until it's publication in book form. Pat Villani has stated
   that at this time, the source WILL be made available.

Q. Why doesn't _____ work under DOS-C or the Free-DOS COMMAND.COM?
A. Because of BUGS or INCOMPLETENESS. While users are encouraged to
   try and use both Pat Villani's DOS-C and Tim Norman's COMMAND.COM,
   you are GOING to run into errors. Test the Free-DOS utilities under
   the regular MS-DOS kernel and for now.

Q. What is MICRO-C? Why are you using it, and not compiler 'X'?
A. MICRO-C is a complete PUBLIC DOMAIN 8086 C compler which is being used
   to write many of the programs associated with Free-DOS. MICRO-C is
   available on the Free-DOS FTP sites listed above.

Q. How can I contribute to the Free-DOS project?
A. Take a moment to peruse this file, and note the tasks you might
   be interested in doing. Then email!



1.0: I have lost contact with the following persons. If you know one of
these people, please ask them to get in touch with me if they are still
interested in contributing to Free-DOS:

        Greg Mahlknecht <>
        Charles Marslett <>
        Robert Watts <>
        Tom Watson <>
        Andrew Whittle <>
        Dennis J. Cox <>

2.0: Could someone DONATE or VOLUNTEER TO WRITE any of the following important

        EMS.SYS         UNDELETE        PRINT           SMARTDRV

3.0: People are ENCOURAGED to test out the NEW DOS-C KERNEL, which is
the subject of an upcoming book by the kernel's author, Pat Villani.

4.0: DOES ANYONE AT ALL have any information about ARROWSOFT SYSTEMS INC,
we are using Arrowsoft Assembler v2.00c, PD version, their last known
address was:

        554 West Sixth Avenue, Larkview MO, 66069

Southwestern Bell in both Kansas and Missouri have no record of a Larkview
MO, and the post office tells me that the zip code corresponds to a Kansas
address, not Missouri, and they can't find the town either. The manual
mentions the individuals:

        Stan Goldwyn-Benton
        Kaplan "Kap" Morovitz

Stan, Kap, or anyone who knows them, or anyone who is familiar with
ARROWSOFT SYSTEMS INC is encouraged to contact




        *       Ported to Micro-C
        *1      Promised, expected.
        *2      Have, but in need of revision.
        *3      PD version known to exist.      
        *4      On hold

1.0: Application Programs.

MS-DOS          Free-DOS        Contributor(s)

BASIC           BWBASIC         Ted Campbell <>
DEBUG           *1              Paul Vojta <>
EDIT            FREEMACS        Russell Nelson <>
SETUP           *1              Youness El Andaloussi <>
MSD             FD*             Darren Bane <>
HELP            *1              Bill Weinman <>

2.0: Operating System Commands.

MS-DOS          Free-DOS        Contributor(s)

ANSI            *1              Jason Lee <>
ATTRIB          ATTRIB*         Dave Dunfield <>
BREAK           BREAK*          James Hall <>
CHKDSK          *1              Dennis Cox <>
-               CHOICE*         James Hall <>
CLOCK$                          <>
CLS             CLS*            Peter Mikalajunas <>
COMP            COMP            Paul Vojta <>
DATE            DATE*           James Hall <>    
DEL             DEL*            James Hall <>
DELTREE         DELTREE         Lou Duchez <>
DIR             *1              M. Hannibal Toal <>
DISKCOPY        *1              Mounir Elabridi <>
FC              *1              Karoly Neygesi <>
FDISK                           Chris Stratford <>
-               FFF*            John Hall <>
-               FIN             <>
FIND            FIND*           James Hall <>
-               FIPS            Arno <>
FORMAT          *1              Karoly Neygesi <>
HELP            MAN*            James Hall <>
HIMEM           XMS             Till Gerken <>
JOIN            SWSUBST         <steffen.kai...@informatik.TU-chemnitz.DE>
LABEL           LABEL           Max Brante <m...@krille.update.UU.SE>
MEM             *3
MKDIR/MD        *1              James Lynch <>
MODE            MODE            <>
MORE            MORE*           James Hall <>
MOVE            MOVE            Lou Duchez <>
-               NROFF*          John Dudeck <>
-               PG*             Bill Weinman <>
RAMDRIVE        TURBODSK        Ciriaco Garcia de Celeis <>
-               REBOOT*         James Hall <>
RENAME          RENAME*         Edward Tang <synapti!>
RMDIR/RD        *1              James Lynch <>
SETVER          *1              J. M. Rubillon <>
SORT            SORT            James Lynch <>
SUBST           SWSUBST         <steffen.kai...@informatik.TU-chemnitz.DE>
SYS             *4
-               TEE*            James Hall <>
TIME            TIME*           James Hall <>
-               TOUCH           <>
TREE            TREE*           Rob Schanke <>
TYPE            TYPE*           James Hall <>
-               UNIX2DOS*       James Hall <>
-               UNZIP           Info-ZIP <>
VER             VERSION*        James Hall <>
VERIFY          VERIFY          Peter Mikalajunas <>
XCOPY           *1              Stephen Dawson <>
-               ZIP             Info-ZIP <>

3.0: Shell.

Author/coordinator: Tim Norman <>

The shell will implement the following commands as builtins:


4.0: Kernel.

Author: Pat Villani <>

A list of supported int 21 services is included in the DOS-C documentation.

Free-DOS and Linux's DOSEMU team are now working alongside each other.
They will be using our utilities, and we will be using their kernel.


Thanks for taking the time to look this over.

On behalf of everyone involved with the Free-DOS project, your interest
is greatly appreciated!!!


M. "Hannibal" Toal    |  He who has silver, may be happy. He who has grain,  |  may be glad. He who has nothing, may sleep.
Computer d00d         |                                 ---Sumerian proverb


Free-DOS status/FAQ (programmers wanted)

Post by Nathan James BOLST » Wed, 02 Aug 1995 04:00:00

Gee, its good to see that some people want to keep ancient memorabilia
alive. Perhaps there wil lNEVER be a need to pub DOS out to pasture!!!



1. Free-DOS status/FAQ (CORRECTION)

It has come to my attention that the product MICRO-C, referred to
in my previous posting, was INCORRECTLY IDENTIFIED as a public
domain product.

MICRO-C is a FREEWARE product, and all rights to MICRO-C are
retained by Dave Dunfield and Dunfield Development Systems
of Ontario, Canada.

I apologize for this error, it is not my intent to misrepresent
MICRO-C or Dunfield Development Systems.

                                        M. "Hannibal" Toal

M. "Hannibal" Toal    |  He who has silver, may be happy. He who has grain,

Computer d00d         |                                 ---Sumerian proverb

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