SuperVGA test kit release 3.0

SuperVGA test kit release 3.0

Post by Kendall Benne » Thu, 04 Mar 1993 21:39:56

Hi there,
         I have just released version 3.0 of the SuperVGA test kit library.
This new version of the library contains the first release of the
Universal VESA TSR, a small Terminate and Stay Resident program to convert
most SuperVGA's into VESA 1.2 compatible SuperVGA's. You can even use
it to make your current VESA SuperVGA more compliant (as long as the
base chipset is supported). I have tested it on a number of different
systems and it works perfectly (so far). Let me know how it works on
your system.

This version also contains fixed for the 24 bit library, which now works
correctly for MegaEva/2 boards as well as Speedstar 24 and (hopefully)
Genoa 7900 boards.

I have also built 4 linkable libraries you can use in your own code,
along with the appropriate header files (of course it is still very
low level :-).

Once again I would appreciate it if people test the library out and mail
me with the results (even confirmation that it works).

You can ftp it from the following address: ( kjb/MGL/

I will also be uploading the file to Simtel20 and garbo in the next few

Thanks again for your time.

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1. SuperVGA test kit release 4.0

Hi there,

I have just completed the final release version 4.0 of the Universal VESA
VBE and the SuperVGA test kit. This new version has been completely
revamped since 3.2. It can now be unloaded from memory via the command
line, requires only a meagre 3k of memory once installed and no longer
contains any 386 dependant code. The new version has been completely
removed from the SuperVGA test kit, and the test kit now _only_ works
with VESA VBE compliant SuperVGA (or with the Universal VESA VBE
installed of course!). Programming for SuperVGA's is now even easier than

The Universal VESA VBE now includes a special protected mode interface
that allows you to copy the bank switching and page flipping code
directly into your own application, so you can run it at full speed
in both 16 and 32 bit protected mode (rather than going via the slow
virtual int 10h interface).


You can ftp the latest release from: (

as the files:

        kjb/MGL/   - Test kit and univbe source code
        kjb/MGL/   - Executable only archive of univbe

If you do not have ftp access, or have problems connecting you can use
ftp mail to automatically uuencode and mail the program to you. Mail

message can be anything you like, and will be used in the subject line
of messages mailed back to you. It takes about a day for it to get

chunksize 64000         <- change to 32000 if your mailer has 32k msgs!!
chdir kjb/MGL

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