ANNOUNCE: Free-DOS project update

ANNOUNCE: Free-DOS project update

Post by M. Hannibal To » Sun, 28 Jan 1996 04:00:00

The Free-DOS project has been quiet for a very long time, and as such
I am pleased to be able to announce some news regarding our progress.

Recent activity includes an updated status list, along with the release
of Free-DOS COMMAND.COM v0.5, which now supports redirection, piping,
and the LOADHIGH command. Early February will see the release of the
Alpha 5 distribution of Free-DOS, along with an updated version of the
DOS-C kernel.

Older announcements of note include the release of the DOS-C kernel
(v0.9) *with source*, and also an updated version (v3.14) of the DDS
MICRO-C freeware C compiler (Please understand that DDS and MICRO-C are
not officially associated with Free-DOS).

Free-DOS is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public
License, and comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. All copyright is
retained by the individual authors.

Please see the newly overhauled Free-DOS WWW page for details:

                                        M. "Hannibal" Toal
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1. Free-DOS project status update - call for volunteers

                        The Free-DOS Project

The goal of the Free-DOS project is to produce a free MS-DOS compatible
operating system, suitable for any DOS capable platform. Free-DOS is
distributed under the terms of the GNU general public license.

I am pleased to announce that an updated version of the Free-DOS FAQ
and Status Report is available via the Free-DOS project home page:

It has been some time since I have made any announcements regarding the
Free-DOS project, but I can say that there have been several new
developments, including:

   Version 0.90 of the DOS-C kernel by Pat Villani
   Several new programs, and the upcoming ALPHA 4 RELEASE

PROGRAMMERS are wanted for C and ASM projects, or to donate source code.
If you have written, or are willing to write, an FDISK, CHKDSK, UNDELETE,
XCOPY, EMS driver, etc. as detailed in the status report, please contact
me, we could certainly use your help! Your assistance in helping to provide
some of these few remaining critical programs will be invaluable to the
success of the Free-DOS project.

The current release of Free-DOS is the ALPHA 3 RELEASE:

Please note that the alpha 3 release does NOT contain a substantial
number of new programs and code. Check the /incoming directory of
the FTP site for new items. A new release is due Real Soon Now.

To reiterate, more complete information is available on the Free-DOS
WWW page:

                                        M. "Hannibal" Toal
                                        Free-DOS project coordinator

M. "Hannibal" Toal    |  He who has silver, may be happy. He who has grain,

Computer d00d         |                                 ---Sumerian proverb

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