Need: un-archiver for .arc dr-dobbs files

Need: un-archiver for .arc dr-dobbs files

Post by Bill Fedus » Fri, 01 Oct 1993 03:42:07

        Could anyone tell me where I can get a un-archiver
        program to decompress Dr. Dobbs source code archive
        files (.arc)...??? Thanks

1. .HLP File format looking for Dr. Dobbs


I have been investigating the Windows HELP (.HLP) file format. I found
with the help of some of you (thanks..) a lot of information at
Wotsit's File Format Collection at
I even found some source code.

I also found that in the magazine "Dr. Dobb's Journal" of September 93
and October 93, Pete Davis wrote an article about this file format. I
called "Dr. Dobb" and ask them to send me a copy but they do not have
both copies on stock anymore!! I would really appreciate if some one
could find those two old issues and FAX, EMAIL, SNAIL-MAIL me a
photocopy of that info.

Here is more info on the articles:
Dr. Dobb's Journal
Sept 93 & Oct 93
Section: "Undocumented Corner"
Title "The Windows .HLP File Format"

Thanks a lot...


[[Moderator's note: thanks for the pointers; sources of information for
winhelp format is something I've been mildly curious about.  Next time,
though, I'd suggest that you not crosspost quite so widely.  A good
library will have back issues of Dr. Dobbs.  I've redirected followups
to only.  --scs]]

Sebastien Routier


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