FAT32 extended free space help

FAT32 extended free space help

Post by w_hamil.. » Thu, 19 Aug 1999 04:00:00

Hi All,

I'm hoping someone here can point me in the right
direction for obtaining the extended free space
for a FAT32 drive while in DOS.  I was able to
use INT21h, #7303 with success while in a dos
window in '98, but cannot get the function to
work in real mode.  Is there another way, or is
this impossible?  I notice DOS has no problem
showing me the correct free space in a DIR, so I
figure there must be a way!

Any help would be very much appreciated,

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1. Free disk space under FAT32?

Under FAT32 in Win95b, a disk drive can have more than 2Gb of total
and free disk space.  The old DOS Int21 Fn36 (GetFreeSpace) returns
the number of free clusters in bx.  That was OK under FAT16, which
could not have more than 65k clusters, but is inadequate under FAT32.
So the function returns FFF6 instead of the real value.

There is an Extended GetFreeSpace function under Win95b:  Int21
Fn7303.  Lo and Behold - it returns the same false values!  And it
returns them in 32 bit words that could easily hold the correct

Does anyone know how you are supposed to get the CORRECT free disk
space under FAT32?

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