Need multiple PCI VGA lib - any ideas?

Need multiple PCI VGA lib - any ideas?

Post by Andre Cast » Thu, 17 Jul 2003 12:59:28


    Is there a lib to allow a program to use two or more VGA cards,
like Windows multi monitor support? In concept with PCI cards is
possible to enable each one a time with separate i/o adress, memory
and ROM mapping address.

    Some time ago I saw a program named DUALVGA that allows two
identical VGA cards to coexist. But with today's motherboard with
video inboard it doesn't work anymore.

    If this lib doesn't exist, I would like to code them. I need some
info on *PCI programming* and *video card initialization*. Any help
would be appreciated. The final result would be very attractive:

1) it won't anymore be necessary old MDA/Hercules cards to debug
graphical programs. RHIDE and RGDB could use the lib to avoid flipping
output screen and debug screen.

2) Allegro and GRX could use the lib, mouse support could go from one
screen to the other and multiple screen software could be coded

3) With today's card with three or four PCI slots, it will be possible
to have four or five users per CPU in dedicated application. USB
keyboards or serial keyboards could be used.