Mercury/32 + NDS

Mercury/32 + NDS

Post by Joe Binningt » Tue, 29 Jul 1997 04:00:00

I am having some problems setting up Mercury/32 - it seems to collect
e-mail fine by POP3 from our ISP but doesn't send it out to local
users.  If I try and send an e-mail to the Internet from a client then
Mercury doesn't seem to do anything.  I'm using WinPMail v2.54 on all

What is the glaring error I have made??

The server is running NW4.11.  Do I need to set up a Bindery object in
order for Mercury to do anything??

If so will an NDS version of Mercury/32 be coming out soon?
Will the NLM version be given a POP3 client as well as a server (this
is the only component that means I have to use Mercury/32 rather than
Mercury 1.3x)???

Thanks in advance

Joe Binnington


1. Upgrading Mercury NLM (bindery) to Mercury 32 (NDS)

I'm in the process of switching from a Netware 4.1 server running
Mercury 1.44 in bindery mode to a Netware 5 server with a workstation
running Mercury 32 in NDS mode.

I'm just not sure how to do all the steps required without messing
something major up.  I *don't* want to migrate and I've made a list of
all the steps but I'm not sure of the order.

1.    Take mercury off line on the 4.1 netware server.

2.    Transfer all user mail from the bindery directories on the 4.1
server to NDS directories on the 5 server. (any simple way to do this?)
I have only 20 users so I made a list of which directories belong to
each user.  So my plan is to copy everything in SYS/MAIL/FA000111 to

3.     Install mercury 32 giving it the same name and IP address as the
old Mercury NLM server.

4.    Install latest copy of Pegasus on shared directory of Netware 5

5.    Install NDS enabler for pegasus mail to shared directory.

6.    Log each user into *NEW* Netware 5 server and run Pegasus from
shared location.

If anyone has done something similar I would LOVE to hear about it!  I
could use ANY suggestions anyone might have.  Thanks in advance.

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