Mercury pooooor performance?

Mercury pooooor performance?

Post by Ron van den Broe » Sat, 03 Mar 2001 18:46:47

Hi all,

I've changed from using Merc NLM's (3.12 server) to Merc32 (integrating with
the same 3.12 server). Merc32 is running on W2K server, Compaq proliant
PIII733, 256 Mb Ram, 100 Mbps NIC. Configuration files basically didn't
Using MercuryP, MercuryS and MercuryE.

Mail is working OK, but the POP/SMTP response times are very poor. When I
popped to the old server, I got authorized and cheked within a second. With
Merc32 it takes uip to 10 seconds. Same thing for SMTP connections.
Also users are complaining about slow mail delivery.
Mercury process is very often taking 99% CPU. And for real, because the W2K
server becomes very slow.

(Session) logging is turned off. While it was on, I got no errors messages.
No error messages in the W2K event log.

Anyone any ideas ?



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Person B replies to person A and it goes direct to the person,
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