Submission: Debugging Gnu Objective C with gdb (1/1)

Submission: Debugging Gnu Objective C with gdb (1/1)

Post by Michael Snyd » Wed, 21 Aug 1996 04:00:00

Since I realized that most people cannot receive the gnu.gdb.bug newsgroup, I  
thought I would post this here too.  This patch makes gdb aware of the  
Objective C language, but it has only been tested with programs compiled with  

This is the uuencoded patch file for gdb language support for the Objective C  
language.  See the file README.objc for a short description of features.  
These changes have been implemented and tested on HPUX, Solaris and Microsoft  
Windows.  I expect them to be portable to other platforms, perhaps with some  
tweaking.  This is only expected to work with the GCC implementation of  
Objective C, although if the name mangling is similar, it may work with other  
compilers as well.  The patch file was made against the gdb-960812 delta, but  
should be applicable to any 4.16 gdb source tree (and probably 4.15, for that  

begin 644 objc-960812.diff.gz