A List Of Fallacious Arguments

A List Of Fallacious Arguments

Post by Michael As » Mon, 07 Jul 2003 12:36:57

This is sort of OT, but I thought it was amusing so I'm going to post it
anyway. This is for all my fellow newsgroup readers out there, watching
the latest flamewar (hopefully) with amu*t. It's great to read
through this page and check off all the ones that apply.



1. Question of argument list in _beginthreadex

If calling "_beginthreadex(NULL,NULL,&MyThread,&MyStruct,NULL,&tID);" to
pass a struct of data, "MyStruct", into the newly created thread--MyThread,
and if the parent thread may terminate earlier, is that true that the piece
of data, "MyStruct", may get lost in "MyThread"?  Since "MyStruct" is passed
into "MyThread" by reference.

To keep "MyStruct" in "MyThread" in case that its parent terminates,
"MyStruct" must be duplicated before the parent thread terminates.  Am I
right on this?

Thanks a lot!

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