70-016 [VC++ Desktop] Comments

70-016 [VC++ Desktop] Comments

Post by Chandler Gella » Thu, 04 May 2000 04:00:00

    Re: Desktop Applications with Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0

    I just passed the 70-016 exam on 5/2/00. I wanted to make a few comments
for anyone who might be searching dejanews.com for "70-016"....

        - There were some misconceptions in the newsgroups regarding the
passing score. Despite the fact the Transcenders lists the passing score as
790/1000, the actual passing score is 534/1000.

        - I used the MS Press "training kit" to study for this exam. The kit
is helpful, but not sufficient in and of itself. You'll need real-word
experience as well. If you DON'T have real-work experience with VC++, you
will need to supplement the kit with a comprehensive Visual C++ book like
Mike Blaszczak's "Professional Visual C++."

        - The Transcender for this exam is virtually useless. Not only are
some of the answers WRONG, many of the questions have no relavence to Visual
C++/Desktop (i.e. questions about SQL Server file formats, interupts, some
detailed MTS stuff). I think the Transcender designers may have accidentally
stuck some of the 70-015 (Distributed) questions on the 70-016 CD-ROM??

Hope this helps....