70-305 Self-Paced Training Kit 2nd Ed

70-305 Self-Paced Training Kit 2nd Ed

Post by Justin Dutoi » Fri, 11 Jul 2003 08:12:02

Hey. The 2nd Ed has 150 practice questions, the first ed. I bought had 50.
Is there a download page for these sample questions?

Justin Dutoit


1. 70-315 - MS Press Self-Paced Training Kit Sample Exam

The MS Press Self-Paced Training Kit for 315/305 comes with a sample exam.
Unlike the real exam this one gives you a percentage score at the end.
Can anyone give me an indication of what sort of score would indicate
readiness for taking the exam?
I realise it would be a rough estimate - but perhaps some of you might have
done the sample, and then failed the exam and then would be able to say
"Hey, I got 70% and then I failed the real exam".



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