Search For a File From a network Drive

Search For a File From a network Drive

Post by Hemal Desa » Thu, 10 Jul 2003 03:40:12

I am stuck up & want some help with regards to using
findfilenext & findfile API for searching for a File on a
network PC. If any one has a code snippet for me to view
or could explain me how to go about it.??

Thanks a Millon


1. Contents erased/file replaced when opening VSD file on network drive


I'm pretty new to Visio but I'm sure something strange is going on. When I
create files and save them locally, I have no problem opening them. However,
if I save a file to a file server, the file appears to be replaced with a
blank document with the same name the next time I open it. Double-clicking
the VSD file in Windows Explorer dislays the Choose Drawing Type dialog in
Visio. Opening the file from Visio simply replaces it. The file size also
shrinks accordingly (e.g. from 300k to 10k). In other words, I effectively
lose all drawing objects in my file.

Is there a simple solution to this?

I am using Visio 2002 SR-1, Win2k SP3, and a Novell file server and all
options should be at the installation default.


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