Transcender Deluxe pack for MCSD.Net - Worth the dough ?

Transcender Deluxe pack for MCSD.Net - Worth the dough ?

Post by MCSD Wannab » Wed, 09 Jul 2003 04:27:42


Just a quick question. Is the Transcender Deluxe MCSD Pak
for .NET worth the boat load of dough they charge for it

If not, what other products are worth considering for the
whole MCSD.Net track ?



1. QUESTION: Is Transcender's paks for MCSD .NET worth purchasing?

Hi guys,
I am looking for resources of for clearing .NET certifications and am
wondering is Deluxe MCSD Pak for .NET from Trancender worth purchasing.

I will be grateful if some experienced people who have used trancender can
post some replies.

Also which software paks are actually worth it.

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